Yoga says, “I have more layers than you think!”

Let’s be honest, the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word yoga is complicated body postures or perhaps breathing exercises and meditation or something entirely off-track like Lenovo’s Idea-pad, Yoga! What most yoga instructors probably forget to mention, apart from yoga being an efficient way to shed pounds, is its ability to act as a soothing balm to your mind and your stressful lifestyle!

Though practicing may seem like a monotonous stream of stretches and breathing routines initially, it transcends physical barriers. Let’s take a look at how yoga brings stability to one’s life.

The Story of Nick Montoya

Manager at a technology firm,  father of three daughters, a volunteer at the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and sadly a man coping with an unpleasant divorce, Nick Montoya, on an unfortunate morning in 2009 wakes up to severe back pain.

His worried daughter after hearing the doctor’s decision on operating Nick’s damaged cartilage – which could have been a consequence of lack of self-care and the careless intake of up to 10 caffeinated diet sodas a day to keep up with his taxing schedule – encouraged him to attend a yoga session with her.Get Inspired Nick Montoya Dec 14

A session of Vinyasa yoga and Nick already felt his body healing and his mind relaxing. Elated, the injured man’s desire to feel whole again drove him to become a regular.  Three months later Nick was able to get off  his medications, lose the extra weight and felt generally happy. All of this with no surgery.

Yoga not only helped loosen his back and strengthen his core, but best of all, it gave him resilience to cope with his overloaded life. And now having quit his high functioning lifestyle, Nick has immersed himself into yoga and not surprisingly teaches it to those like him!

Yoga and Science

Lets talk science for a bit, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (Vol. 13, No. 4) talks about how researchers were able to conclude Yoga’s positives effects on the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA – A receptor that controls the relaxation of brain and nervous system) by comparing the levels of GABA before and after a person reads a book versus a person practicing his yoga routine. Unchanged in the case of former compared to a 27% increase in the latter.

Why we need a piece of yoga in our lives

Yoga position info-text graphics arrangement and word clouds conContinuing from before, yoga transcends mundane postures and routines by creating a gradual slide in the mood from a state of tense ‘all guards up’ to serenity. It reduces nerve firings and adrenaline which rids the body of its notion of threat. What’s more, practing yoga helps one to embrace themselves and others around them by instilling a sense of compassion, patience and spirituality. Therefore throwing in a few yoga postures in your workout routine will give way to not just a healthy body but a healthy mind as well! Go yoga to enjoy an overall well-being.

Guest Writer: Keerthana Suresh



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