Are You Type A Or Type B Personality Type

Are you strongly motivated to overcome obstacles and driven enough to achieve beyond? Do you enjoy power and recognition? Maybe, you are easily aroused to anger and action? Perhaps you dislike wasting time and end up doing things in a vigorous and an efficient manner? If you answered yes to all the questions above, then you belong to the Type A personality type.

On the other hand, if you are relaxed, unhurried and hate competition, then you belong to the Type B type. You like to work hard, but it is rarely driven and compulsive compared to a Type A person.

Type A vs Type B as a personality variable. 

Type A are the kind of people who feel that time shouldn’t be wasted and they often do well even during demanding/pressuring situations, such as dues or deadlines. Type B people procrastinate and don’t react to frustrating situations, they also don’t like to participate and engage in any volunteering or social event.

In a group discussion, Type A people are more likely to dominate and are less likely to give up control, even if they know someone else could do a better job. Moreover, the urge to have something they can’t attain/possess, motivates type A’s to be more persistent.

Numerous laboratory studies have found that Type A personality types outperform Type B’s on accomplishing tasks. One reason observed is, As tend to set higher goals for themselves. In academics, Type A students received more academic honors and participated in more extracurricular activities when compared to Type B students.

Type A and health 

A medical research found that personality Type A was a good predictor of  heart disease. They are twice more susceptible to heart problems than Type B persons. Initially, researchers were unsure as to why Type A people had higher risks of the same but later, extended research lead to revelations.

After numerous studies, researchers noticed that a large amount of evidence was pointing towards the hostility factor. People high on hostility don’t necessarily behave in a violent or a bossy manner, but often react strongly to daily frustrations and hassles. They also react to minor annoyances with expressions of antagonism, disagreeableness, unco-operativeness and rudeness. We may refer to these people as quick tempered as it does not take much to send them into a fit of anger.

Scores on hostility and anger management do a good job of predicting coronary artery diseases. This is because researchers have identified several possible connections, including unhealthy lifestyles, poor social reports, immune system weaknesses and high blood pressure levels.

Contrary to initial warnings, Type A is not always bad for your health. People who push themselves to overcome greater challenges might not be headed for a heart attack after all. If these people don’t let minor setbacks and little frustrations upset them, they may lead a productive and a healthy life.

Are you a Type A or Type B– Click the link to do a quick test.

Reference (featured image)

BURGER, J. (2018). PERSONALITY. [S.l.]: CENGAGE LEARNING (Click to buy the book)



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