Why Depression Is A Serious Issue?

Let’s  say you have a friend who talks to you every day, you spend time together by working or doing some projects, seems a very normal person to you and you two just get along really well.

One evening, this friend seems a bit off and you ask him why his mood seemed so flustered. He says he’s going through a bad day and changes the topic, you don’t bother much and continue with your day.

The next evening, your friend hasn’t shown up and now anxiety starts to kick inside you. You decide to visit his place and you leave as soon as possible. On visiting his place you see something that petrifies you.  A body that’s just hanging from the ceiling!

The report says that your friend was suffering from depression and he had not taken his antidepressant pills nor he had seen his therapist for a week!

You are surprised as your friend never seemed like he was under depression because your friend was always smiling and seemed very normal, but by the time you realized, it was too late.

Depression is not serious because it makes you feel awful, but it is serious because it could kill you!

Let’s talk numbers now.

In America 25 million Americans suffer from depression each year and 65% of Americans commit suicide, in which over 50 percent of them are because of depression. A person dies every 11.7 minutes because of suicide in the United States,that’s 123 Americans everyday.

In Australia 45% of the people suffer from depression, that’s around 3 million people every year. In 2016 over 75.1% people committed suicide due to depression.

According to WHO around 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. These numbers are no joke!

This means that if you’re in a work place, pub or a club, there are at least five people who are undergoing depression around you and you wouldn’t be able to tell because they would seem very normal.

If someone confesses that they feel depressed,don’t tell them to get over it, instead just listen to them and be with them because they disclosed it to you for a reason. They trust and respect you.

Some Common Symptoms 

  •  Anxiety
  • Thoughts about suicide
  • Feeling hopeless about yourself
  • Feeling isolated
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  •  Excessive hunger and Fatigue

Visiting a psychologist is not a sign of the weak, but it’s a sign of strength. It takes an effort to accept what you’re going through and make a change.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from a mental condition, please do seek professional help. It will change your life for the good.


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Watch the video ” Overcome depression and anxiety” at the end



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  1. It’s really important to educate people and to bring awareness about this topic………very important and useful blog!!!!!


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